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by: Jason Bailey

Since I somehow missed registration for the series, this was the first time in a long time that this race didn't have a huge significance in my placing. So, I figured I would ride tactically and have fun trying to crush the hills. Looking back, I probably went slower than I needed to following the climbs and didn't push as hard as I could or should have. I did get to watch fellow Metal rider Mike "snake" his way up the hill to a 3rd place finish in the expert SS class and unfortunately watch Jay crush is so hard that he shredded his bike... well the back skewer at least, which ended his race. Even though I placed low in the results, I took some positives from the race. I was able to keep pace with quite a few people in the downhill sections without much effort, I was smooth through the technical sections and I killed it on the climb! I passed 3 people one lap and 4-5 the next. Coming into the final climb to the finish I was excited with thought of passing a few people right at the end, I turned the corner..... and there was no one. So I left it in my third hardest gear and hammered it up the hill, just because I could. Great race by Fun Promotions and a great venue. j