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Saturday September 06, 2014
by: John Glodek

Cyclocross season has arrived. I'm honored to be riding and racing on the TwinSix Team Issue CX bike this season. I've training on it all summer long and have it dialed. Plus with the addition of some disc tubulars I am set to smash. SATURDAY - 09/06/14 Nittany Lion Cross is always super deep fields and super fast racing. I was looking to start the season off solid with great efforts and lots of fun. Temps were super warm. Low 90s by the time we parked. I was drenched just kitting up. Warm up laps told the tale of how the race would place out. Dry and fast. Was able to score a 5th row in a field of 130 starters. On the green we drilled it. Tons of nervous energy and skittish racers. Boom. Crash on the first sweeping left hander. Luckily went around it. Had to dab on a choke point and lost a bunch spots. From that point the raced lined out real quick. The heat was tough. I hit my limit quick and tried to back down and stay on point. We went 6 laps. Super faced paced racing. Going into the bell lap I was gassed and at my limit again. I was having a blast going into the pain cave and exiting through the finish. Covered in dust. Sweat soaked. Full smile. 65th on the day. Hard race. Rad day. SUNDAY - 09/07/14 Overnight thunderstorms and rain brought way cooler temps and and even faster course. Kitting up I noticed a bunch of earlier racers with muddy bikes. One small section of the course turned into a straight shot of mud. No more than thirty feet long but deep enough to make it interesting. Warming up everyone was avoiding the mud and just waiting for the race to get after it. Same starting position as Saturday. Reversed course and wooded log section added. Start was way safer and went straight into the mud. Bikes and racers flying everywhere. Avoided the carnage and drilled it to stay on point. Ran the wooded section to avoided more carnage from dudes trying to hop the log on lap one. Lap one was safe and fast. 130 riders went into a giant single file with a ton of speed. Through the rest of the race I was able to pull back on racers who took time on me from the start. Rode the log section every lap and made time up there as well. Dug deep. Soared high. Felt way better and had a blast. 55th on the day with another deep field. Cyclocross season is in full swing. So rad. Thanks for reading!