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Skirts In The Dirt

Cannonsburg Ski Hill, MI
Sunday August 24, 2014
by: Stacy Smith

Skirts In The Dirt. Wow, I cannot say enough about this incredible event! I want to thank all the ladies of WMMBA and the Grand Rapids Area. When I first received a Facebook notice for Michigan’s first ever Women only MTB event, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The field numbers have been so low this year, I didn’t think much was going to happen, boy was I wrong! I was amazed to see the registrations keep growing, and knew I had to get on board. Following my really early morning drive with lots of silly music I arrived to a host of smiling guys and gals. So many great volunteers and ample energy buzzing around the base of the ski hill, I knew I was in for a treat. The singletrack presented some tough challenges on a course I was only used to riding in the winter, being on a Singlespeed I knew I was in for a day of tough fun. The flowly fast sections were separated by a few tough climbs that once crested required participation in a “challenge” before moving forward, my personal favorite- The Rim Toss. As a disc golfer and beer pong champion I assumed this one would be the easiest- WRONG. It had me laughing my butt off hurling rims at an orange cone; finally I made it and could move on. The other three- a cracker whistling event, a bicycle drawing station, and a hula-hoop jump through broke up the race enough to keep things interesting and get me ready for cyclocross dismounts, added bonus! In the end the two lap race took just under an hour and a half and we were free to cheer on the biggest fields of the day- The weekend warriors, Fabulously Fat, and Never Evers. It was organized to perfection and everyone was smiling. To see 42 women on bikes, in their first race was a special day I won’t forget. It’s a community of bicycle loving women and it shows, over 120 total registrations on the day. Watching little rippers as young as 4 take on a teeter totter and their course gave us a look into the future, and boy it looks bright, like, neon orange and green tutu bright. The drag race topped it off and gave the guys an idea of what we deal with when it comes to hair management, as many donned wigs and various forms of dresses, they fit right in. With awesome prizes and swag from: Cannondale, CarboRocket, Rays Indoor Bike Park, Velocity, the local bike shops and many more this is certainly a no miss event for next year. It was a pleasure to see several fellow Metal ladies there and can’t wait until the next time. Cheers and remember to ride like a girl.