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Sunday October 19, 2014
by: Peter Chrapkowski

The 4th stop of the CCC brought us to Carpentersville, Il to race a classic course that's been a part of the series since 2005. Early morning racers were greeted by cold temperatures as a healthy blanket of frost lingered on the course until the beginning of the first race. I had a front row start again in the 35+ field and made quick work of the sprint and rode the first two laps in fifth wheel. Kept it smooth and steady through the sloppy off camber turns and spun the bejeezus out of the SS through any extended power sections. As number 1 and 2 began to pull away I made the decision to go to the front of our little chase group and never looked back. Over the course of the next lap I slowly pulled #2 back and and eventually found a spot to put in a little dig and went after #1, who had put a few more seconds on me. I was never quite able to bridge, but had a nice gap on the rest of the top 5, and rode it in for 2nd. The SS race was full of the usual suspects, and featured a bristling fast start. I sat in for a bit and then slowly worked my way forward until Lucas came around. I chased him for the next 3 laps as we put good time in on the rest of the SS'rs. Final lap was fast and I shadowed the leader from the muddy rollers to the final barriers, and eventually, the long power section towards the finish. Unfortunately, a dropped chain prevented a proper sprint and I was forced to shoulder the bike and run the last 30 yards. No complaints though....two 2nd place finishes equals podium beer x2. I think I can live with that.