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Here Come the Girls Rock New Orleans alleycat

New Orleans, LA
Sunday April 20, 2014
by: Angela Catalano

I moved to New Orleans this past December to start up a nonprofit cinema, so I figured an alleycat would be the perfect first race to get to know my new home. I knew I didn't really have a chance at winning overall since I would just barely know where checkpoints were, but I was hoping to win at least one of the checkpoint challenges to make up for it. As expected, I had vague notions about where the first 4 checkpoints were located, so I decided to ride with my roommates. They were all on cruisers, so I was slowed down quite a bit to stick with them. We traversed the city, rode through neighborhoods I hadn't been through, caught part of the gay Easter parade (where I caught tons of beads), and didn't finish DFL. I succeeded in winning a checkpoint stop by drawing the best dog-Easter bunny of the day. Celebratory beers were had, I met some awesome new cyclist friends, and I'm starting to feel more at home in the cycling community here. Up next: Twin Six-sponsored Skyway Epic. Huge thanks to Twin Six for the great gear and support.