NOROC personalized YETI Rambler

Style #181001-24

We believe that both cyclists and drivers should be able to share the road in blissful harmony. So we have partnered with Noroc, an app designed to help make the roads safer for anyone on two wheels.

Download Noroc from the AppStore and share your location when you ride, so drivers can receive alerts when they approach you. Hop on your bike and ride with the confidence that you're letting the Noroc community know where you are on the road. And, when you narrowly escape being swallowed up by those potholes, flag them on Noroc with your voice. All that while providing real-time alerts to drivers – letting them know "BIKE UP!"

And here is a chance to honor all of your cycling awesomeness (or that of a friend) with the ultimate trophy or gift. Get a personalized 18 oz Yeti Rambler, etched with your brag-worthy 2018 accomplishments, and gulp down those Strava kudos! Send us your Strava IDs, and we’ll handle the rest. You have until January 15th, 2019 to upload all of your 2018 activities into Strava and claim your Yeti. Then the fun begins. We'll customize your Rambler accordingly. The earlier you order, the earlier your bottle is made and shipped.

Let’s build camaraderie on the roads and save lives. Join Noroc's Early Access List to get the Google Play app when it's released.

Learn more about Noroc by joining them on Strava and following them on Instagram.

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