The Standard WOOL (BLUE)

Style #170212-07-XS

Setting out to design and produce a short sleeve wool jersey – complete with all of the benefits of wool, and without the typical drawbacks – is a big challenge. After months of concepting, thousands of miles of testing and several rounds of refining, we found that using lightweight Merino wool in combination with our Prime T6 Standard fabric gave us the result we were looking for. Like most wool jerseys, the body and sleeves are constructed from soft 7.5oz Merino Sport Wool. But important contact areas (cuffs, collar and back pocket) that typically stretch and sag are built and reinforced with our Prime T6 micro polyester fabric. By bringing these two fabrics together, we have created a superior update to the typical itchy, stretchy and saggy wool jersey. Designed from the ground up specifically for the adventurer planning a multi-day bike excursion, the commuter who wants to come and go without odor being an issue, or simply those who prefer the properties of wool – we are proud to introduce the Standard (Wool) short sleeve jersey.

• Merino Sport Wool body and sleeves (7.5oz)
• Prime T6 fabric cuffs, collar and pocket
• Naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant
• Exceptional wicking properties
• Well ventilated and breathable materials
• Superior sun protection (UPF 28+)
• Thin full-length zipper
• Silicone waist grippers
• Three deep non-sag back pockets
• Tapered load-centering pocket base
• Roadside reflective under-pocket tab
• Sourced from USA mills and made in the USA

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