METAL Base Layer (2022)

Style #220214-01-S

It seems as though the days of dedication to a specific discipline are over. Roadies race ultra-endurance. Mountain bikers dabble in track. Crossers log mega miles on fatties. And everyone commutes by bike to work. While you may gravitate towards one style over the other, chances are you would give anything a go, so long as you were on two wheels. So in that all-encompassing and non-exclusive vein, we set out to revamp the METAL kit for 2022 and offer it up to anyone who loves to ride. No matter what your preferred terrain, what conditions your ride in, or how you get it done, we would love to be on your back as you crush your goals and make the year ahead one to remember.

• Flat seam stitching throughout
• 105g ultralight construction
• Built from DryTech fabric
• Made in the U.S.A.

$28.80 $45.00