Peace Coffee Bottle

Style #161001-21


Peace Coffee has been caffeinating our office for years. So when they approached us with a plan to collaborate on producing a new cycling kit, we were all in. Designed by Ben McCoy of Hill+Steed, this limited edition bundle of awesome can be pre-ordered now through June 28th. And if you order the entire kit (jersey, cap, bottle and socks) we'll send you a free bag of Twin Six blend coffee in a special limited edition bag. Reserve your gear now!

ORDERS WILL SHIP APPROX. Mid-September 2016.
If you'd like to purchase additional non-pre-order items, please do so in a separate order. 

22 oz. Purist Bottle with MoFlo Cap
• Black Transparent Bottle
• Black MoFlo Cap
• Yellow, Blue, Cream & Red Imprint.
• Made in the USA.

With a 2" wide opening and low-density plastic for a good grip and soft squeeze, these babies make it easy to inhale your sugary serum while you're eclipsing mile 167 of your first double century and the sun is setting. Both freezer and dishwasher safe. Made in the USA. FDA approved.

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