The RC Du Nord

Style #220201-21-S

Guided by untamed winds and the pursuit of unexplored territory, the Race Club Du Nord was found and bound in the bowels of the Northwoods. Ever growing, this sect of solotude seekers is united by a hunger to pedal beyond mortal boundaries without the pomp of society. The R.C.D.N. uniform is a testament to one's fortitude so wear it proudly, tread silently, and always take the path less traveled.

We have been working hard to dial in our entire collection over the last year, and we are excited to debut some of the latest and greatest updates. While many pieces got a complete overhaul, our graphic jerseys just needed a little fine tuning. The overall fit that you have come to love is the same, but we did add a little length to the sleeves. The full zipper has been upgraded to an easy-pull semi-autolock option from YKK. Silicone gripper has been added around the entire bottom of the jersey to keep things from twisting or riding up. The woven tag in the back of the neck has been replaced with no-feel printed label. And a small reflective detail has been included at the base of the middle back pocket to increase your visibility during low-light riding. All small improvements that add up to a big deal, with no change in price. 


• Prime T6 performance micro polyester fabric
• MoistureTransport™ technology
• Superior sun protection (UPF 28+)
• Easy-pull semi-autolock YKK zipper
• Three deep back storage pockets
• Reflective detail below center back pocket
• Silicone gripper around the bottom to keep things in place
• Men's cut

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