Around here, we take care of most of our holiday shopping before the vacation starts. Black Friday is for hanging out with family and friends, throwing down a long late season ride, and digesting. So take some time today while you're on the clock and get something done. Hunker down in that cubicle, look busy and take advantage of our GREEN WEDNESDAY SALE26% OFF all orders over $46. And if you spend over $146, we'll toss a $26 gift certificate in your order before it ships! Discounts end at midnight central time tonight, November 25.

U S E   C O D E   G R N W E D 6 6   A T   C H E C K O U T

The free $26 gift certificate for purchases over $146 is valid at through September 30, 2016. All product in the Bikes & Bits category, as well as additional gift certificates do not qualify for 26% off discount at this time.

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