This past January, a longtime friend of Twin Six and devout METAL team member suffered a horrible accident while hunting which nearly took his life. Thankfully, the quick response of those he was with saved his life, but he unfortunately lost his right leg from just below the knee down. If anyone in the world has the strength, courage and positivity to deal with a hurdle like this, it is Sam Beveridge. So when we sat down to talk about concepts for the March T-shirt of the Month, we couldn't help but think about Sam's continued and unwavering upbeat attitude towards life and how much that vibe is needed these days. With that in mind, we circled our ideas around just enjoying the ride. Fast or slow, training or commuting, alone or with friends, wind at your back or sleet in your face – however you do it, just enjoy the ride. Sam vows to be back up on two wheels as soon as possible, and even racing his bike again before the end of the summer. To play a small part in helping him and his family during this challenging time, we will be donating a portion of all proceeds from our Enjoy The Ride T this month to Sam's GoFundMe page.  

Sam's accident also rekindled our connection with Nicole Ver Kuilen. Five years ago, we supported her and Forrest Stump, a movement to bring to light the injustices amputees face in accessing the prosthetic technology and care they need to reach their full potential. After a 1,500 mile journey that built connections within the nonprofit, film, prosthetic, bicycle and policy industries and raised awareness of the barriers individuals like her face to living full, healthy lives, Forrest Stump is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy organization with the mission to promote equitable access to physical activity for individuals with disabilities. A portion of the proceeds from our Enjoy The Ride T this month will be donated in support of the work Forrest Stump continues to do.




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