Back in 2015, our very own Connor Davison knocked out a huge effort during the month of July. Specifically, the Tour Divide. And he did it wearing a white Standard jersey. Some time later, he showed us the photo of him at the US/Mexico border... the one where his jersey was so stiff with salt and dust and grime that he literally had to put some effort into raising his arms. It sparked a discussion about what the ideal jersey would be for an event like that. A jersey that would be well ventilated but insulating when it needed to be. Something that would be soft and lightweight, but rugged and durable where it needed to be. It had to fit well and hold its form, but allow for the pockets to be loaded and not stretch and sag.

So we started thinking. Ideas were put in motion, and samples were tested. And re-tested. And re-sampled. Ultimately we found that using lightweight Merino wool in combination with our Prime T6 Standard fabric gave us the result we were looking for. Like most wool jerseys, the body and sleeves are constructed from soft 7.5oz Merino Sport Wool. But important contact areas (cuffs, collar and back pocket) that typically stretch and sag are built and reinforced with our Prime T6 micro polyester fabric. By bringing these two fabrics together, we created a superior update to the typical itchy, stretchy and saggy wool jersey. Designed from the ground up specifically for the adventurer planning a multi-day bike excursion, the commuter who wants to come and go without odor being an issue, or simply those who prefer the properties of wool – we are proud to introduce the Standard (Wool) short sleeve jersey.


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