Breakaway Belt

Style #230312-01-30
We have partnered with GRIP6 to design three Twin Six versions of their infinitely-adjustable and super-clean waistband straps (aka, the best belts built for biking). Long gone are the days of dealing with all of that extra length flopping around on your left side, switching between the two sizing holes that actually fit, or having a big metal buckle grind into your gut. A better solution is almost always the simpler one. 
• CNC cut buckle with laser etched T6 graphic
• Built from brushed T6061 aluminum  
• Patented design provides for infinitely adjustability
• Bright-dip anodizing process  
• 3 inches x 1.9 inches, 24 grams
• Made in the USA / recyclable

• 1.5 inches wide
• High-tensile nylon fiber weave 
• Breaking strength of over 2000lbs 
• Made in the USA / recyclable 
• For men, simply order based on your pant size. If you wear pants with a 32 inch waist, buy a Size 32 belt.
• For women, here are some standard womens' pant sizes and corresponding measurements for reference: 0 (32"), 2 (33.5"), 4 (35"), 6 (36.5"), 8 (38").
• For kids, GRIP6 belts can be easily shortened to fit waists smaller than 30 inches. 
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