Standard Rando Fender Set

Style #191109-01

Fenders to compliment your Standard Rando or other full fender mount equipped frame.

Please note that Standard Rando Carbon forks are shipped with designated front mount hardware and strut.  If you are pairing fenders with Standard Rando carbon fork equipped bike please include that to the order notes at check out.



• Attach the shorter, 346 mm strut to fender blade centered in grooved, clamp hardware.

• Using wheel to support fender attach, the strut to the rear axle drop out mount using 2 x 10 mm M5 fixing bolts and stainless flat washers.  Either mounting position will work, but we generally use the top mount unless also installing a rear rack.

• Supporting the fender with your hand, remove the wheel and attach the fender at the chain-stay brace using the 30 mm long button head bolt and positioning the 20 mm aluminum tube spacer between the outside of the fender blade and the brace mount. 

• Note the fender blade is slotted.  Position the fender with fixing bolt head at the top of the slot so the fender sits low for smaller 700c tires and 650b wheels.  Position it with bolt low in the slot so the fender sits high for larger volume 700c tires.

• Bend the black, seat-stay juncture mounting bracket partially around the fender so that it stays in place and is oriented forward of the seat-stays

• Attach the bracket the the seat-stay juncture mount with a 10 mm M5 bolt and stainless flat washer.  

• With a piece of cloth or electrical tape to protect the bracket use a pliers fully bend the strut so the fenders are tucked up under the fender, matching the curve, and holding the fender blade securely in place.

• Install rear wheel.   Fender and struts may need some manipulation for best fit.



• With front wheel removed, attach the fender blade mount tab to the frame at the fork crown with a 10 mm M5 bolt and stainless washer.  Mount tab should be behind the fork, to the rear of the bike, and fender oriented so that the smaller section of blade extends forward from the crown.

• Hand bend both of the longer, 366 mm strut legs 3 1/2" - 4" from looped bold end at ~30 degree angle in the same direction.

• Attach strut to fender blade centered in grooved, clamp hardware so the inside of the strut bend fits around the brake caliper.  Leave the hardware loose enough that the strut can pivot.

• Attach strut to rear fork dropout mounts with 2 x 10 mm M5 fixing bolts and stainless flat washers leaving the hardware loose enough that the strut can pivot.  Note any contact with the brake caliper indicates that the strut may need to be bent to a greater degree.

• Install front wheel.  

• Continue bending front strut evenly on both sides until the fender blade matches the arc of the inflated tire and the strut clears the brake caliper.  Fender and struts may need continued manipulation for best fit.

• Remove wheel and tighten all hardware.

• Reinstall front wheel. Shred til dead.

*Maximum fender clearance 650b x 47c or 700 x 33c front and rear. Some tires in theses sizes with large tread may rub depending on tread height. 

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