Minneapolis, MN, April 2019Cycling apparel brand Twin Six is getting into the helmet business, in a big way. Their new line, set to debut at Paris-Roubaix on April 14, delivers the perfect blend of fashion, aerodynamics, technology, safety, and perhaps most notably, size.

From jerseys to rims to eyewear and beyond, the cycling industry is filled with smaller, lighter and tighter options promising better aerodynamics and epic performance in all conditions. Unfortunately, helmets have always been a bulky, necessary evil. Twin Six has embraced that “evil,” maximizing size and simplicity for astonishing results, the likes of which this industry has never seen.

“The other guys are trying to reduce drag and boost safety at the same time. That’s incredibly hard to achieve without years of research, development, space-age materials, scientists, etc. We went the other way,” said Brent Gale, co-owner and designer. The other way, simply put, is girth. With designs specifically crafted for use on road, gravel and off-road conditions, the three helmet models (Standard RoadDome, Standard RanDome, Standard DirtDome) also align with the Twin Six stable of Standard bicycles – ranging from road to gravel to mountain bikes.

Ryan Carlson, co-owner and designer, added, “we all saw that video of the cyclist who motor- paced a land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. She hit 184mph, tucked into the slipstream. It made us wonder – if a helmet was big enough, could you create your own slipstream?” The answer is yes. Other than the incredible aerodynamics and drastically reduced drag, there are some obvious safety benefits that come from wearing a helmet this large. Tested at the Helmet Impact Testing (HIT) facility, results showed Twin Six helmets prevent concussion in 99% of crash tests, forever setting a standard and changing the future of helmet design.

Jesse Lalonde, Twin Six Designer, concluded, “basically, the helmet creates its own air pocket, so you can draft off yourself.”

Twin Six is a fashion-forward cycling lifestyle company based in Minneapolis, offering finely designed cycling apparel, expertly crafted framesets, helmets, and lots of other good stuff.


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