The Challenging Road Ahead

Hello T6 family. We just wanted to shoot out a quick message to say that we hope all of you are safe, healthy and hanging in there. Although this is not the St. Patrick's Day or fresh spring start that any of us saw coming when we began 2020, we know you will find ways to adjust, do your part, and keep moving forward.

Here at T6HQ, we have been making adjustments to our daily work schedules, but we are still up and operating at full capacity – albeit in shifts that allow us plenty of workplace distancing. That being said, we are now offering free shipping on all domestic orders over $16. And if you're local and select 'warehouse pickup' as your shipping method, we will mail those orders to you for free. Not that we don't want to see you, but, you know. 

Customer Service is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm central time during the week to answer any questions about gear, sizing, or availability. And you can always shoot any of us a note or check in on the social networks for some no-negatude content. 

Stay safe, and we hope to see you out on the roads and trails soon.


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