There is a no doubt that we are living in a rainbow of chaos. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad – it's all around us, all of the time. Navigating through the noise these days can be a huge challenge for many people. Unsurprisingly, some saddle time – by whatever means possible – always seems to help reset, refocus, and re-energize the mind and body. As we spun through the holidays a few weeks back, we took stock of what 2020 was like for us, and how we hoped this new year would be different, brighter and just plain better. So with the first big project of 2021, we decided to use all the crayons in the box and give our Metal Collection a makeover. Love it or hate it, we felt the time was right to take a deep breath and push out some positivity. This kit won't change the world. But if it sparks a conversation on a coffee ride, or makes someone smile as you pass them on the trail, then it will have done its job. No matter if you are a hardcore racer, or a weekend warrior, a casual commuter, or a pain cave Zwifter, we'd love to be on your back as you crush your goals and make 2021 a year to remember for all the right reasons. #RideMetal

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